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Rapid Deposit ATM Instructions


1. Insert Debit or ATM card

2. Enter PIN number

3. Select Deposit transaction option

4. Select the contents of your deposit:  Check(s),Cash or Both Check(s) and Cash

5. Specify the account for the deposit:  Checking or Savings

6. For cash, insert entire stack of up to 50 bills into the appropriate bill acceptor slot (U.S. Currency Only). DO NOT insert coins or fold the bills. For checks, insert up to 30 checks (per transaction) into the check acceptor slot.

No deposit slip or envelope is needed when making a deposit.  Please remove any staples, tape, paper clips or rubber bands from bills and checks before depositing.

6a. For check deposits, select type of receipt (Check Image ReceiptRegular Receipt or No Receipt). Wait for checks to be processed. Review Check Deposit Summary and select Return All Checks for any errors or Accept Checks if all is accurate.

7. Confirm that your total deposit amount is accurate (Yes or No)

8. Indicate whether you would like another transaction (Yes or No)

9. Take receipt

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