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Rapid Deposit Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need a deposit slip for my transaction?
A: No, you will not need a deposit slip. Cash and checks are inserted directly into the ATM, and the machine will keep a running total of all cash and checks inserted.

Q: Do I need to put my cash or checks into an envelope when making a deposit?
A: No. You insert the checks or cash directly into the ATM, in the designated deposit slots. There are separate deposit slots labeled, one for cash and one for checks. The machine will not accept envelopes.

Q: What type of funds can be deposited into the ATM?
A: Checks and U.S. currency only.

Q: Can I insert coins into the ATM?

Q: Can cash and checks be deposited in the same transaction?
A: Yes. When selecting the Deposit transaction option, the ATM will give you the choice of either Check(s), Cash or Both Check(s) and Cash.

Q: Is it necessary to sort my cash before inserting it?
A: No. The ATM will automatically sort and count your cash. The bills can be in any order.

Q: Does the cash have to be facing a certain direction when inserting it in the ATM?
A: Our ATMs will accept cash facing in any direction.

Q: How many bills/notes and checks can I deposit per transaction, and are there any special instructions?
A: You can deposit up to 50 bills of U.S. currency (NO COINS) and up to 30 checks per transaction. You WILL NOT need a deposit slip or envelope when making a deposit.  Also, you must remove any staples, tape, paper clips or rubber bands from bills or checks before depositing.

Q: How will I know the ATM totaled my deposit correctly?
A: The ATM will ask you to verify the amount on the screen. When you deposit a check, the ATM screen will show you a scanned image of the check, including the amount. 

Q: What do I do if the ATM total does not match my total?
A: If the totals do not match, you have the option to cancel the deposit transaction. If you cancel the transaction, your cash and checks will be returned to you.

Q: When will my funds post to my account and when will they be available for me to use?
A: All deposits made Monday through Friday (excluding federal holidays) before 5 p.m. are available the next day. Excludes federal holidays. Deposits made on Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays will be posted after 5 p.m. on the next business day, and funds are available the next day thereafter. See the Funds Availability Policy for complete details.

Q: How can I have a record of my deposit?
A: For check deposits you can select the type of receipt you would like.  You can choose either the Check Image Receipt option or the Regular Receipt option. Check Image Receipts will show images of all checks deposited, along with any cash that was deposited.  Regular Receipts will only show totals of any checks and cash deposited.

Q: How do I know which American National ATMs are Rapid Deposit ATMs?
A: For a complete list of Rapid Deposit ATMs, click here.

Q: How can I get step-by-step instructions to make deposits at a Rapid Deposit ATM?
A: For instructions on Rapid Deposit ATM usage, click here.


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