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Beware of Coronavirus Scams

Scams concerning government relief payments are becoming more widespread. Protect yourself and your loved ones by following these simple guidelines.
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American National opens Winston-Salem branch. Read Press Release
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Identity Theft Repair Checklist

Realizing your identity has been stolen is never a good feeling. Often times, it's overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. American National employees are here to assist you with any processes dealing with your bank accounts and can provide additional guidance to make sure all of your bases are covered.
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Round Up Savings

We're always finding new ways to make your money work easier for you. To lend a helping hand, we're introducing a new way to save, designed to make saving your money completely effortless. Introducing Round Up Savings! 
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Protecting Seniors From Identity Theft

As one of the most vulnerable demographics, there are many factors that play into the disadvantages seniors have in protecting themselves from identity theft and fraud.  It is the responsibility of banks and family members to educate and assist the older population from the dangers of telephone and internet identity theft.More About Protecting Seniors

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Basic Estate Planning

Once you have purchased a home, it's important to protect that valuable asset by having a proper estate plan. Estate planning can be complex.


Smartphone Apps to Step Up Your Financial Game

With modern technology, it’s now easier than ever to keep track of your finances from anywhere, at any time. It’s simple to sign into your AMNB mobile banking app and check your balance, review your transactions, and even pay your bills.
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Keep Your Spending On Track

While most people look at their finances on a check to check or monthly basis, sometimes it's helpful to take a closer look at how your spending could fluctuate through the seasons of the year.
10/16/19 - American National Bankshares Inc. Announces Medical Retirement of William W. Traynham as Chief Financial Officer; Appoints Jeffrey W.  Farrar as Chief Financial Officer
9/20/2019 - American National to Open New Winston-Salem Location on September 23rd
7/18/2019 - American National Bankshares Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2019 Earnings and Third Quarter Dividend Increase
6/25/2019 - Jeffrey V. Haley Named Chairman of the Virginia Bankers Association
6/05/2019 - American National Bankshares Inc. Names Jeffrey W. Farrar EVP & COO
5/29/2019 - American National Bankshares Inc. Forms North Carolina State Banking Board and Names Inaugural Members
5/29/2019 - American National Bankshares Inc. Forms Virginia State Banking Board and Names Inaugural Members
5/21/2019 - American National Bankshares Inc. Announces Second Quarter Dividend
4/29/2019 - American National Bankshares Inc. Completes Operational Merger with HomeTown Bank
3/0/2019 - American National Bank & Trust Company Announces Construction of a Full-Service Branch in Winston-Salem, NC
12/18/2018  - American National Bankshares Inc. and HomeTown Bankshares Corporation Announce Agreement to Merge
3/20/2018 - American National Warns Of An Increase In Scams Targeting Senior Citizens
1/19/2017 - American National Bankshares Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter 2016 Earnings
12/23/2016 - American National Announces Executive Changes
11/02/2016 - American National Names John H. Settle to Head Trust & Investment Services Division
10/20/2016 - American National Bankshares Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2016 Earnings
10/03/2016 - Kevin Meade Joins American National Bank & Trust as Bank Continues Growth in Roanoke MSA
10/09/2016 - American National Announces New Executive Vice President
8/08/2016 - American National Announces New Financial Center Manager in Burlington
7/26/2016 - American National Announces New Financial Advisor in North Carolina
7/21/2016 - American National Bankshares Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2016 Earnings
7/21/2016 - American National Bankshares Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2016 Dividend
7/5/2016 - American National Announces New Executive Vice President