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Treasury Management

Effectively and efficiently manage cash flow with American National’s treasury management services. These services are available to both large and small businesses and typically support analysis checking accounts, such as our Business Analyzed account.  Service fees may be offset with compensating balances or you may opt to directly pay for the services provided. Specific analyzed checking services, such as Cash Concentration or Zero Balance Accounts, are also available.

Treasury Management Services include:

Remote Deposit

Click, scan, deposit. Depositing checks using American National’s Remote Deposit service is just that simple. Optimize efficiency by making deposits directly from your business using a compact scanner and our secure online Remote Deposit system.

How does Remote Deposit work?

  1. Scan:  Scan checks from your desktop using a portable, bank-provided scanner.*
  2. Send:  Send check images and make deposits to your American National business accounts, using a secure interface on an Internet-connected computer.
  3. Retrieve:  Retrieve check images for up to 60 days. Extensive research and report options are available.

Is Remote Deposit right for your business?

This service is ideal for businesses that:

  • Receive check payments and deposit them frequently
  • Have few cash deposits
  • Have an office or other location that is not near an American National branch
  • Have limited staff and time to leave the office to make deposits
  • Need the ability to make deposits after normal banking hours

If you have questions about Remote Deposit or if you are interested in establishing this service, please contact your Relationship Manager.

*Contact your Relationship Manager for payment details and cost of acquiring a scanner.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination

Streamline payments and reduce transaction costs with electronic credits and debits through our ACH services. ACH is an electronic payment delivery system that allows you to make payments or collect funds electronically through the ACH network.

ACH services include:

  • Debits (Payment Drafts)
  • Credits (Payroll Direct Deposit  and Other Direct Payments): Make large payments to vendors in lieu of a wire transfer and pay one or thousands of employees with Payroll Direct Deposit.

Payroll Direct Deposit allows you to:

  • Initiate direct deposit of your payroll electronically.
  • Reduce reconciliation time (one debit for the payroll total versus multiple checks written to employees)
  • Eliminate risk—no more “blank checks” stored at your office

Account Reconciliation

Save time and money by using our Account Reconciliation service. This service automatically reconciles all transactions paid against your American National account.

Fraud Protection with Positive Pay

Save time and money by using our Account Reconciliation service. This service automatically reconciles all checks paid against your American National account.

  • Each time you issue checks, you will submit an electronic file to American National containing the individual check serial numbers and amounts.
  • We build a cumulative check register from the file you send and compare every check presented for payment against it.
  • If a check's serial number and amount does not match your check issue record, the check is presented to you for review as a possible fraudulent item.
  • You decide to pay or return the check.
  • All checks presented to an American National teller for cashing are compared to your company's check issue file. If the information on the presented check does not match your check issue file, the person is referred to your company.

Wire Transfers

  • Move funds quickly and safely with international and domestic wire transfers.
  • Same-day settlement for domestic wires (International settlement may take additional time).
  • Simple, convenient and safe.

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