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Proper insurance coverage is an important component of financial management of your business. While you generally hope its something you don't have to use, it is inevitable that you will need to at some point. The right coverage and right plan are extremely helpful in protecting you and your business from financial loss when you have an event occur.

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Bankers Insurance

We are proud of our long-standing relationship with Banker's Insurance. Through decades of experience, Bankers has built insurance programs for multiple companies across many sectors and develops tailored solutions to each business. With contracts at over three hundred insurance carriers, they know who to work with for each type of insurance and industry in order to provide expertise needed to protect your business.  

Types of Coverage

Property (Buildings and Contents) 
Property insurance is a broad category of business insurance that generally includes buildings, contents, certain equipment, and even loss of income should property be damaged.
Liability comes in several different forms, and it seems courts daily add to the list of exposures. Many varieties of liability insurance exist to protect your business should it accidentally hurt someone, something, damage reputations, cause financial loss, or other exposures. It can protect you from risk associated with your product, operations, or service.
Auto & Truck 
Commercial auto insurance is one of the most widely accepted but least understood types of business insurance. If your company owns vehicles or operates vehicles in any way, even if only to run to an office supply store, your business has a degree of some exposure. Basic policies protect against hurting others or their vehicles as a result of an accident, but take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with all the other risks. 
Workers Compensation 
For many businesses, workers compensation is one of the most expensive insurance policies. Bankers Insurance specializes in workers’ compensation and is an expert at not only placing you with the best insurance carrier, but also advising you on how to reduce your costs.
Commercial umbrella liability insurance increases the limits of the policies it goes over. Does your business need a $2,000,000 limit on business auto and general liability? An umbrella policy can be placed over those policies to provide the necessary coverage.
Flood insurance is not covered by most commercial property policies. Your business does not need to be located in a flood plain to experience flood damage. Bankers Insurance can quote your business flood insurance quickly, easily, and in many cases without an elevation certificate.
Cyber Liability / Data Breach 
Protect your business against privacy breach, whether the leaked information be electronic or on paper. This affordable coverage is a must for every business. 
Crisis Response 
Ensure your duty of care to your employees and the public. Protection against active shooter, hostage crisis, terrorism, blackmail, stalking, kidnap, cyber ransomware, extortion, and more.

Employee Benefits
Group health insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance – your benefits package is a key component of employee compensation. Many times benefits, not salary, determine a business’s ability to hire and retain key employees. Let us help ensure your business insurance premiums provide the greatest value.

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