Commercial Mortgages and Construction Loans

Commercial Mortgages and Construction Loans in VA & NC

Like home mortgages, commercial mortgage loans are used to purchase real estate. The difference is that commercial real estate loans are specifically for income-earning properties, whether you operate your business out of it and/or rent it out to other businesses. Also, your business entity becomes the borrower, not you as an individual. Commercial construction loans can be used to build a brand-new business space or to renovate/expand an existing one. Decisions are made locally by bankers in your community.

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When to Apply for Commercial Mortgage and Construction Loans

Are you a small business owner looking to switch from renting to owning your space? An investor interested in purchasing commercial real estate to rent out? Or perhaps your business already owns its space but you need to expand or reimagine the layout. Commercial mortgage loans and construction financing can help you reach all of these goals. 

Alternatives to Commercial Mortgages

Commercial real estate financing is specifically designed for the purchase of commercially-zoned property such as land and buildings. If you have other business financing needs, consider business loan options such as Equipment Financing, SBA loans, and Receivable & Inventory Financing.

Why choose AMNB for commercial mortgages and construction loans?

With local, knowledgeable bankers, your business benefits from quick turnaround times by people who know the market. American National’s tradition of community banking dates back over a century to our founding in 1909. We believe being local is more than just having an office in the community. It's about looking out for local businesses with better banking options and quick, local decisions. Whatever type of commercial financing you need, we are a reliable financial partner for local businesses. With multiple banking locations in Virginia and North Carolina, our experienced team of lenders are dedicated to helping businesses run more efficiently. Have questions? Contact your nearest AMNB commercial lender or schedule an appointment to discuss your commercial real estate needs. 

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