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Digital Solutions

Manage your accounts from anywhere you are.

Digital Banking Solutions

We offer a comprehensive line of digital banking solutions that make it easier than ever to manage your money, and most are found directly within your online or mobile banking platform. 

With online banking and AMNB mobile app, you can easily:
  • Organize your account view consistently across all devices with a responsive design.
  • Chat with American National bankers securely in real-time during business hours.
  • Feel safe with increased security and two-factor authentication (2FA). 
  • PLUS many  features like mobile deposit,  Zelle payments, credit score access and more as outlined below. 

Download our app today! 

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Take advantage of our digital solutions! 

All the convenient tools highlighted below are found within our online and mobile banking platform. Give them a try today!

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Credit Score Monitoring
Savvy Money helps you understand
your credit score, how it's impacted, & 
what you can do to strengthen it

Person to Person Payments
Zelle is the fast, safe & easy
way to send money to
friends and family
Financial Management
Money Tracker allows you
to build a budget, stay on
track, & plan for 
your future

Chat with Us
Use messages within online banking
as a quick, easy, & secure way
to get your questions answered
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Mobile Payments
Add your debit card to
your smartphone's wallet
mobile wallet
Debit Card Controls
Choose how, when, and where
your AMNB debit card is used.
Bill Pay
Manage all your bills in one
place and set up e-bills
for added convenience
Stay on top of your accounts
by setting up alerts for
transactions, balances, & more

Eliminate clutter with e-Statements.

Save time and money and sign up for e-statements today.