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Less Paper + Many Benefits

Going Paperless is the way to go!

e-Statements have so many benefits than people may realize. People tend to think it's just about being green, but there are far more reasons than being a step to help your environmental impact. We've listed a few reasons to go paperless below.


With e-statements available within our secure online banking system, they are only accessible to you, unlike a mailbox outside of your home.


You'll always know where to find them and they are stored for 18 months for your reference.


Since you are not waiting on the mail system, you'll receive an email notification as soon as they are ready. 


You can save up to $36 dollars a year by choosing e-statements and avoid the $3 paper statement fee associated with many accounts.

Clutter Control

Keep your mailbox clean and eliminate the extra paper to sort through.

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Enroll through online or mobile banking.

Try e-statements today. If they are not for you, you can return to paper at anytime!