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Personal Insurance

Home, Life, Auto, and More

Protect all the things in your life.

As a partner with Bankers Insurance LLC, we have coverage to help you protect the things that matter most to you. And because Bankers works with many carriers - not just one or two - we can take the time to get multiple quotes to ensure you have the right policy at the best rate. 

Cover the things that matter most to you. Contact an insurance specialist today to start a conversation about your coverage options.


Let us shop your auto insurance for you. With relationships with multiple auto carriers, we can quote your car insurance with them and can answer your questions on what works best for you so you remain in the driver’s seat. Learn more.


Most people's largest asset is their home so it's important it's not just covered, but has the right coverage for you, no matter where you live. Learn more.


Your home does not need to be located in a flood plain to experience flood damage. And flood insurance is not covered by standard homeowners policies so let us help make sure you're covered. Learn more.


Motor boats, sail boats, pleasure craft, jet skis and personal watercraft, we can help you insure them all. Any state, any craft, any coverage. Not only do we protect your boat, but we provide coverage for the larger risk – the liability associated with operating a boat. Learn more.


Umbrella liability insurance provides an extra layer of protection over your homeowners and auto policies. Large lawsuit settlements are becoming increasingly common, especially where bodily injury is involved. Protect yourself, protect your assets, and protect your hard work with personal umbrella liability. Learn more.
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Protecting your family.

While there are many reasons to buy life insurance - from protecting your business to using it as an investment - protecting your family is usually the primary factor.

Our Financial Advisors can work with you on the right coverage for your needs. There's also another type of policy that people should consider to help protect their loved ones - long term disability insurance. Long-term disability (LTD) insurance is important as it can provide income replacement if you can no longer work from a disability, and they can be an essential part of your financial protection plan.

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