Round Up Savings


A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

As the world has moved towards relying solely on bank accounts and debit and credit cards, the concept of the change jar has slowly become a thing of the past. If you ever kept one, you know how those nickels, dimes, and quarters could add up! Remember the feeling of cashing them in for a milestone purchase? Or maybe just bringing them to the bank to deposit into your savings?

While we don’t see quite as many change jars as we used to, with the introduction of our Round Up Savings program, things are about to change! Imagine that every time you swipe your card, the “change” left over from your purchase was transferred to a savings account. Over time, that change will add up and suddenly, you’ve saved the money you’ve always struggled to hold onto without even thinking about it! This savings account is a no-brainer.

Features of the American National Round-Up Program

Next time you grab a latte at your favorite local coffee shop, pat yourself on the back! Not only are you supporting a local business, but you’re supporting your savings, too! The .73 cents left over from your $4.27 iced mocha will go right into your savings account without having to lift a finger.

Already attached to your current savings account? That’s okay! That’s what the Round-Up Program is made for! You can double up on your Easy Save, or Money Market Account to help you save even more. It also comes with all the perks you know and love by banking at American National:

  • Unlimited Deposits
  • FREE Visa Debit Card
  • FREE Online + Mobile Banking
  • Overdraft Protection when it’s linked to your checking account
  • Competitive Rates

And of course, that unmatched customer service with a smile that you can even hear over the phone (yes, you get to talk to a real customer service representative over the phone!)

So what are you waiting for?  Find a Branch near you to sign up today!