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As of January 1, 2015, Franklin Community Bank is a division of American National Bank and Trust Company. Plans for this were jointly announced by our respective holding companies in August 2014, and we are excited to move forward. The final step for Franklin Community and American National to become one will happen later in the spring of 2015 when the two banks’ names and operating systems combine. Until then, Franklin Community customers should bank at Franklin Community locations and American National customers should bank at American National locations.

Why Franklin Community and American National?

We have a lot in common. To start with, we’re neighbors, providing banking services in communities literally right next door to each other. We believe in serving our customers, supporting our communities and engaging talented employees. It’s a good match.

About American National

American National Bank and Trust Company (the “Bank”) is a community bank headquartered in Danville, Va. Founded in 1909, American National has a long history of serving both customers and communities, and now does just that in 27 banking offices across Virginia and North Carolina, including three through Franklin Community Bank. Following the merger, the Bank’s holding company, American National Bankshares Inc., holds $1.5 billion in assets and through the Bank manages $689 million in the Trust & Investment Services division. The Bank offers personal and business banking, trust and investment services, and mortgage and insurance services, all with a focus on electronic delivery solutions.

What is Happening Now for Franklin Community Bank Customers?

The products and services you selected at Franklin Community Bank remain the same for now.

Click here to view the answers to some questions you may have about your current products and services.

What’s Next for Franklin Community Bank Customers?

In the coming months, you’ll receive detailed information on the products and services offered by American National and will be able to enjoy additional services if you choose to do so. Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit, Rapid Deposit ATMs and Visa® card alerts are just a few of the technology-based services you’ll be able to take advantage of when our name and systems become the same.

Franklin Community Bank’s People.

We know you enjoy doing business with the people at Franklin Community. Many of those people will continue to serve you as they do now. Franklin Community’s President and Chief Executive Officer Brenda H. Smith has joined American National and will continue to serve you in a new leadership role. Todd S. Hammock, formerly senior lender for Franklin Community, has joined American National as senior vice president and market president for the Franklin County Region. Likewise, Joel R. Shepherd, chairman of the board of the holding company for Franklin Community, MainStreet BankShares, Inc., was named to the American National Bankshares Board of Directors. A new Franklin County advisory board will be formed and will include current members of the boards of both MainStreet BankShares and Franklin Community Bank.

Thank you for banking with us. Let your banker know what questions you have and stay tuned for more information over the coming months. We think you will be pleased and we appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you.