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Mobile Text Enrollment

For mobile phones with texting capability, but without Internet access.

Text Banking is available at no charge* to all American National Online Banking customers and is ideal for customers who want to view account information from their mobile phone, but do not have a mobile phone with Internet access. To enroll in Text Banking, Online Banking users will follow these steps:

  1. From a computer with a secure Internet connection, log-in to American National Online Banking  
  2. Select Personal Settings from the blue navigation bar
  3. Select Mobile Settings
  4. Select Text Mobile Settings
  5. Check the Enable Text Access box
  6. Enter the Phone Number of the mobile phone you will use to access Mobile Banking
  7. Select the wireless provider servicing your mobile device.
    (For questions regarding the best selection based on your device type and/or wireless service agreement, contact your mobile device service provider.)
  8. Select the bank Accounts you would like to access from your mobile phone and assign each account a Mobile Short Name
  9. Select Submit
  10. Review the enrollment information
  11. If you agree, select "I Accept the Full Terms and Conditions" (Note: Agreeing to the terms and conditions is required before you can use Mobile Banking.)
  12. Select Confirm. An enrollment confirmation screen will be displayed. Note the text commands detailed in the gray box on the lower right side of the screen.
  13. You will receive a confirmation text message. You must respond “Yes” to the text to complete your enrollment.


*American National Bank and Trust Company does not charge fees to enroll or use Text Banking. Your mobile service provider may charge for data and text message usage. Check with your service provider for complete details.


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