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Mortgage Loans

Your new home starts with us.

Let us help you finance your dream.

We understand buying a home is a huge commitment and  we are here to make the home-buying process as stress-free as possible. Our responsive and experienced team of mortgage bankers will help you determine which rate and mortgage types are the most beneficial to you based on your unique needs.

With decisions being made locally, you can benefit from quick turnaround times by people who know the market. American National’s tradition of community banking dates back over a century to our founding in 1909. We believe being local is more than just having an office in the community. It's about looking out for our customers with better banking options and quick, local decisions. Whatever type of home financing you’re looking for, we are here to help you achieve your goals. We know that it’s not just about getting a mortgage; it’s about building the life you want. With multiple banking locations in Virginia and North Carolina, we are proud to be your community's hometown mortgage lender.

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Traditional Mortgage Options

Looking for conventional mortgages, low down payment home loans, refinance, and more? We offer a complete menu of traditional home loans:

  • Conventional Loans: This classic mortgage loan offers a fixed interest rate and stable monthly payments. Great for homebuyers who plan to stay in their home long-term. Learn More.
  • VA, FHA & USDA Loans: These federally-insured mortgage programs offer special benefits to eligible veterans, rural residents, and general homebuyers looking for a lower down payment option. Learn More.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Also known as an ARM loan, this type of mortgage may have a lower introductory rate than a conventional loan. Once the intro period is over, your interest rate can adjust up or down periodically depending on the benchmark. Learn More.
  • Jumbo Loans: If you need to borrow more than the limit on a conventional mortgage, a jumbo loan could be your best option. Eligibility requirements may be stricter.
  • Refinances: Looking to refinance your existing mortgage for a lower rate, different loan term, or to take cash out of your equity? Let us help with your refinance. Learn More.
  • Secondary Residences: Obtain financing for an investment property or vacation home.

Additional Options and Products

  • Lot Loans: Financing to purchase raw or improved land to build on. Learn More.
  • Construction Loans: Short-term financing for all the costs associated with building a new home. Learn More.
  • Portfolio Loans: Handled in-house at AMNB. 
  • Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit: Convert the equity you’ve built in your home into cash for home improvements and other large expenses.

  Schedule an appointment today for a complimentary quote or a pre-approval appointment.