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Let us help you make the most of your savings efforts.

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Developing good savings habits is a cornerstone of good financial practices. We offer account options for every stage of life — from youth to retirement savings and everything in between.

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We offer competitive savings accounts that provide an easy way to stash your cash to save for a rainy day, maintain an emergency fund, or set up a youth savings account.
ACCOUNT Easy Save Easy Save Plus UTMA Easy Save
a savings account that makes it easy to save a savings account for customers under 25 or over 60 a savings account that follows the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
Monthly Pricing $5 unless a $200 balance is maintained n/a n/a
Interest yes - daily, credited quarterly yes - daily, credited quarterly yes - daily, credited quarterly
Opening Amount $50 $10 $100
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Open an account Open an account Online account opening not available for UTMA 

Put your extra cash to work with the higher rates and added flexibility of a money market. You’ll earn more interest than in a traditional savings or checking account, plus you get up to six withdrawals per month at no extra charge.
ACCOUNT Money Market Premium Money Market
Description a competitive money market account a money market with high interest
Monthly Pricing $15 can be avoided if you maintain a $2,500 daily balance $20 can be avoided if you maintain a $25,000 daily balance
yes - tiered, credited monthly
yes - tiered, credited monthly

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Opening Amount $500 $25,000

If you are looking to maximize your savings, our Certificate of Deposits (CDs) and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can help. With various maturities and no penalty options, boost your savings on your schedule.
Grow your savings at a competitive, fixed rate
Roth and Traditional IRAs
Add a tax advantage to your savings
  • Three month to five year maturities
  • No penalty option
  • $500 opening amount
  • With a Traditional IRA, you can save on taxes now because your contributions may be tax-deductible
  • With a Roth IRA, you pay taxes on your contributions now, but you don’t pay taxes on your distributions
  • Three month to five year maturities
  • No penalty option
  • $500 opening amount
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AMNB CD Special

Take advantage of our 12-month CD special to grow your savings at a competitive rate!

From the tax advantages of an HSA, to an automatic holiday savings account, and the ReStart account to help you as you build your credit, we have a few additional options to help meet the savings needs of anyone. 

ACCOUNT Christmas Easy Save ReStart Savings Health Savings Account (HSA) ICS & CDARS

automatic account to help you save for the holidays

proceeds from the AMNB ReStart Loan

an account to make the most of your high-deductible insurance plan

an account that provides multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance protection
Monthly Pricing n/a n/a $2.25 variable
Interest yes, simple interest paid annually on the first business day in November yes - daily, credited quarterly yes - daily, credited quarterly yes
Opening Amount $10 $3,000 n/a  $250,000+
Other limited to two withdrawals per calendar year ($10 fee per withdrawal after two)
contributions are pre-tax or tax-deductible; HSA debit card included
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Turn on Round Up Savings - a no-brainer way to save!

Round Up Savings is a free savings program that automatically transfers the difference between the amount of a transaction made with your American National debit card and the next whole dollar amount to your savings account. When you round up the change, it's barely missed. 

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Join the AMNB Kids Club!

Children twelve and under are invited to join the AMNB Kids' Club. The Kids' Club along with its mascot, Homer the Pig, was created to make saving money fun and teach children about the importance of saving money. Each Kids' Club member receives:
  • A Homer the Piggy bank
  • A savings passbook to track savings - when a member fills up their savings passbook, they can select a prize from Homer's toy chest
  • Birthday cards each year as a reminder to save

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