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Protect Yourself from Scammers

Stay up to date on the latest scams.

Beware of calls or texts claiming to be from American National Bank

Please be aware of a recent fraud scheme working its way through the banking industry including our bank. We have received a handful of reports in which our customers have been the target of fraud scams through a phone call, email, or text by fraudsters requesting the customer verify personal bank information.

In many schemes, fraudsters are even able to contact customers from what appears to be an actual bank telephone number with the bank name appear on caller ID. This is how they are effective in being able to appear valid so they can convince a customer to provide sensitive information, including account numbers, passwords, and more.

Please remember that American National Bank and Trust Company WILL NEVER contact you directly and ask for your personal or account information. We already have this information on file and we would not contact you to verify it if we are contacting you. Additionally, we do not ask you to verify your identity via text or passwords.

If you receive a phone call claiming to be from American National and suspect you could be speaking to a fraudster, please end the call and call us directly on a known bank phone number or on our customer service line. If you have been a victim of fraud or notice suspicious activity on your account, please contact us immediately at 800-240-8190 and press 3 for the Fraud Department.