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Remote Deposit

Click, scan, deposit. Depositing checks using American Nationalís Remote Deposit service is just that simple. Optimize efficiency by making deposits directly from your business using a compact scanner and our secure online Remote Deposit system.

How does Remote Deposit work?

  1. Scan:  Scan checks from your desktop using a portable, bank-provided scanner.*
  2. Send:  Send check images and make deposits to your American National business accounts, using a secure interface on an Internet-connected computer. 
  3. Retrieve:  Retrieve check images for up to 60 days. Extensive research and report options are available.

Is Remote Deposit right for your business?

This service is ideal for businesses that:

  • Receive check payments and deposit them frequently
  • Have few cash deposits
  • Have an office or other location that is not near an American National branch
  • Have limited staff and time to leave the office to make deposits
  • Need the ability to make deposits after normal banking hours

If you have questions about Remote Deposit or if you are interested in establishing this service, contact us.

*Contact your Relationship Manager for payment details and cost of aquiring a scanner.

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