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Treasury Management FAQ

Treasury Management 

If you don't see your question listed or need to discuss anything further, please contact us at 1.800.240.8190 or send us an email through the link below.
Companies that use AMNB's Treasury Management typically conduct more complex banking transactions online. These could range with setting up various ACH transactions to sending wires online while also providing various users with entitlements. 
AMNB’s Treasury Management supports the most recent release and the last-released versions of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge™, Google Chrome™, Mozilla® Firefox®, and Apple® Safari®.
Yes,  we offer a Treasury Management banking app for Apple and Android customers. Please download the app at the respective stores so you can bank from anywhere! 
App Store                 Google Play
Yes, multiple users can Treasury Management simultaneously. Also, you are not restricted to a specific computer; it can be used from any computer with Internet access with a 256-bit encrypted browser, including your mobile device.
The Company ID is the specific code that AMNB Treasury Management uses to identify your company. Users need this code to log in to Treasury Management. This code will be provided to your company’s administrator.
  • Administrators have access to the user settings, including adding, editing, deleting, and approving company users in Treasury Management. Administrators also have the ability to set entitlements and limits for all users, increasing the security of the platform. They also have the ability to restrict login access based on IP address and time of day.
  • Super Users have access to all accounts and transactional permissions enabled for the company.  In order for a user to have access to user settings and all transactional functions, the user should be set up as both an “Admin” and a “Super User.
  • Users are provided entitlements to perform certain actions (such as ACH, Wires, etc.) by Admins.
No; after you log in for the first time, your login credentials will be the same on both platforms.
If you have questions or need assistance with accessing your accounts or other details, we are here to help. Please call us at 800.240.8190, email, or contact your relationship manager. You may also communicate with our Customer Care Center by sending a secure message using the Message Center within the TM platform.

Once you are registered for Treasury Management, you will receive a “Welcome” email from us. You will need this email as it contains a link to access the new Treasury Platform the first time you log in. Once on, you’ll need to enter your Company ID and Login (User) ID. You will be prompted you to create a password, establish additional security, and accept the terms and conditions. Upon successfully setting up your account, you will then be directed to your Account Dashboard. 

First Time Log in Guide                      First Time Log in Demo

Yes! Please visit this page for a library of demos to help you with the new Treasury Management platform. You may also download a user guide here.

TM Demos

Please contact Digital Solutions and we will help you connect your QuickBooks account to the Treasury Management platform.
Users can reset their password their password using their from the sign-on page using the “Forgot Password” link placed on the log in page. Users must have their Company ID, User ID, and Email  in order to reset their password. Alternatively, the Company Administrator has the ability to reset passwords. Lastly, you can contact us at 800-240-8190 for assistance.

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