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Insurance & Risk Management

Providing Financial Confidence for the Future

Protect your Family's Lifestyle

Insurance is such an important component of long-term financial planning and is one of the best way to help make sure your loved ones are protected now and in the future. Proper insurance coverage can help ease the burden of future events, while providing the financial security you need. The team at American National Investment Services has access to insurance options that can provide confidence and a critical layer of protection for you, your family, or your business.

Life insurance

A life insurance policy can help ensure your family will be financially secure, no matter what happens. It can also help provide the necessary cash to your business to handle ongoing expenses and financial obligations. And whole life insurance can do more than pay the bills, it can help pay for tuition or help you live well in retirement, too.


Annuities can provide expanded sources of retirement income. As a contract between you and an insurance company annuities serve as a long-term retirement vehicle, offering tax-deferred growth, and with no limit to the contributions you can make.

Disability insurance

With disability income insurance, help protect you and your family's lifestyle in the event you are unable to work.

Long-term care insurance

Long-term care should not be thought of something just for "old people." The reality is long-term care is expensive and majority of people will need some form of care in their lifetime. As you consider your financial picture, you should plan your potential care-giving needs as well. Long-term care insurance can help ensure your estate stays intact if you need additional care.