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Trust & Estates

Preserve and Protect your Legacy

Protecting generations of families and businesses

You work hard to accumulate assets and build a financially confident future for yourself and your family. At some point, your focus naturally shifts from investing wealth to preserving and protecting assets. Transitioning from a career focus to estate planning and investing can be complex, with a number of pitfalls to navigate along the way.

For nearly a century, we have helped many people with growing and preserving their assets, planning their future, protecting their heirs, providing for charities and ensuring their family and/or business thrives.

Wealth Preservation

Preserving wealth for you and your family requires expertise in a number of areas. Our team has a combination of experienced personnel and modern technology to provide our clients with the solutions you need.

Fiduciary Services

We provide our trust services to you in the role of a fiduciary. Fiduciaries exercise the utmost good faith and are obligated to refrain from self-interested actions when working with clients. A number of state and federal laws set the standard of conduct for fiduciaries providing investment management or advisory services.

Estate Planning

Our professionals can assist in both creating your estate plan as well as implementing it. We offer estate settlement services and can serve as executor of your estate. Choosing us to settle your estate assures it will be done professionally, impartially, and according to your wishes. Our services also include acting as trustee, and in a number of cases we have worked with several generations of family members.

Business Succession Planning

From initial start-up to eventually passing your business on, we can help you each step of the way. A long-range business succession plan takes into account a smooth transition of management and ownership while safeguarding the financial interests of all stakeholders.
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We administer many types of trusts, including:

  • Living Trusts
  • Trusts Under Will
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Trusts for Children and Loved Ones
  • Special Needs Trust

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