Money Tracker

Smart money management tool with helpful budgeting and savings goals.

Money Tracker is an easy way to manage your money!

We know that the toughest thing about financial management is simply organizing all the details of your financial life. Within our online banking, we help make it much easier to understand your spending and gain insights about how your money comes and goes each month. 

AMNB's Money Tracker can help you stay on top of your bills, your cash flow and your entire financial picture, so you can set clear goals and achieve them.


Smarter Spending

Within our online banking platform,  you’ll see a spending wheel that shows you at a glance how much you’re spending on bills, entertainment/dining, retail, groceries and more. This gives you head start on breaking your spending into more specific categories.

Better Budgeting

Build and view spending targets that are important to your financial big picture. The Budget Insights feature provides your spending history, along with suggestions for staying on track.

Get started

Take advantage of this free tool by clicking the Money Tracker link on the left navigation.