Our Mobile Banking App

Check out all of the features and benefits of our app

Mobile Banking is in demand.

We read somewhere that a high percentage of people would rather go without shoes for a week than their phones. Needless to say, we are attached to our phones and while many mobile apps may be considered a time waste, our app adds convenience and control to managing your finances.

Six Benefits of our App

  1. Save Time: Unlike many apps on your phone or tablet, our app can actually save time - you can pay a bill or deposit a check without going anywhere or calling anyone 
  2. Simple & Secure Log-in: From face recognition, fingerprint access, or your online banking credentials - you can trust that access to your account information is protected 
  3. Fraud Monitoring: With your transaction information so accessible, it's more likely that you will notice a suspicious transaction sooner. Combined with card management tools, you can have added protection of your AMNB debit card.
  4. Balance Control: Prevent overdrafts by setting up alerts for various account information. Plus, you can quickly access your app for your most up to date balance and transaction information
  5. Deposit Checks from Anywhere: With just the snap of a photo from your device, you can deposit a check from anywhere and be on your way. Login to Online Banking.

App Features

  • Face ID, Touch ID or password authentication
  • View balances and account activity
  • Make a check deposit using your phone's camera 
  • Mobile bill payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View statements
  • Manage your debit card - suspend or turn off
  • Customize alerts and your account listings
  • Branch locator

Follow these simple steps to enroll:

  1. First, you must be enrolled in online banking. Enroll here.
  2. Click the "Mobile Banking" tab at the top and complete your information and preferences for (web) mobile banking.
  3. Designate all the accounts you want available in the app and "Submit."
  4. Download the app from your device's store (App Store or Google Play) and you are set!

No smart phone or tablet?

Learn about our convenient text banking options here.